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    2023 Estate and Tax Client Planning Letter (4 Pages)

    The challenges of 2023 are an opportunity to address planning from a fresh perspective.  There is a window of opportunity that may remain indefinitely – or may be closed in a few years– never to return in the client’s lifetime. The phrase “use it or lose it” may be appropriate.

    The 2023 Estate and Tax Client Planning Letter encourages clients to take a fresh look at their planning situation to be sure that their decisions and documents express and memorialize those decisions, are up to date and take maximum advantage of the estate planning, income tax and business planning opportunities offered by the tax law.  

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  2.   All Books AND All Forms Catalog
    All Books AND All Forms Catalog

    This catalog lists All Books AND All Forms currently available on   The catalog is easy to view eletronically and to print.  Books and Forms are listed by practice area.

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