Dynasty Trust Form Explained (1-Hour Audio)

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5-Minute Sample
Dynasty Trust Form Explained (5-Minute Sample)

In this audio recording Mr. Siegel goes through, and explains reasons for the drafting of, all of the provisions within the Dynasty Trust Form.

He covers in detail his Dynasty Trust which is under the "Trusts" category.  Alternatively, click here: Dynasty Trust (34 Pages) for Sample Pages, Full Description and to purchase.

FREE 5 MINUTES: To hear - for free - five minutes of this valuable and practical audio presentation by Mr. Siegel, please click here:  5 MINUTES FREE

In this audio recording, Mr. Steven G. Siegel carefully goes through, and explains reasons for the drafting of, all of the provisions within the Dynasty Trust form.  Please see details below of key points addressed in this audio explanation.  

An important note from the author, Steve Siegel: "Clients’ estate plans may be at risk as 2020 draws to a close. The political divide in America suggests that laws unfavorable to wealthy clients may be on the horizon for 2021. The 2017 Tax Cuts and Jobs Act dramatically increased the available exclusion from transfer tax (including the generation-skipping tax) to $11.58 million in 2020, to be indexed for inflation. However, this law is scheduled to sunset after 2025 and revert back to the 2017 law, and with “political risk”, this generous exclusion could be reduced even more dramatically sooner. We have a window of opportunity to take advantage of this exclusion. The creation of a Dynasty Trust allows the grantor to utilize the increased GST exclusion for the benefit of multiple generations of a family and avoid what could be a significant tax increase in the uncertain future. Not only is the Dynasty Trust an excellent tax-saving vehicle, it also provides generations of asset protection against financial, judgment and matrimonial creditors that may arise in the future."    


Mr. Siegel's Dynasty Trust is found on www.NLFforms.com under the "Trusts" category on the homepage. Alternatively, click here: Dynasty Trust (34 Pages) for Sample Pages, Full Description and to purchase.You will need this form for the audio explanation to be of value to you.

FREE 5 MINUTES: To hear - for free - ten minutes of this valuable and practical audio presentation by Mr. Siegel, please click here:  5 Minutes FREE

UPON PURCHASE, the link to the audio recording will be immediately available and stored in your online account for your immediate and unlimited reference. You may access your purchased recording whenever, and as often as, you wish.  

Audio Recording Content -  Length: 1 hour and 6 minutes
Introduction – 9 Minutes
- What is the Dynasty Trust intended to do?
- Important caution – “inclusion ration” described
- Note: The GST exclusion is now - in 2020 - $11.5 million

Article 1 – 11 Minutes

-Power Of Appointment
-Statement of intent

Article 2 – 2 Minutes
-Charitable giving options

Article 3 – 14 Minutes
-“Powers Clause” – going beyond the standard clause
-Charitable trusts
-GST matters
-Life insurance addressed
-Broad indemnification against liability
-Limitations on trustees power

Article 4 – 11 Minutes
-Trustee provisions
-Successor trustees
-Trust Protector
-Compensation concept
-Minors and incompetents – anticipating roles
-Annual reporting
-Mandatory retirement provision

Article 5 – 2 Minutes
-Trustee as a beneficiary – limitations

Article 6 – 3 Minutes
-Important decision of selecting situs of trust, factors to consider

Article 7 – 2 Minutes
-Income tax liability
-Grantor’s limitations

Article 8 – 1 Minute
-Spendthrift provision
-Preserving asset protection

Article 9 – 0.5 Minutes
-Irrevocable Trust

Article 10 – 3 Minutes
-Who is considered an heir? Discussing possible future heir issues with your clients.  

Article 11 – 1 Minute
-Additional Contribution provisions

Article 12 – 2 Minutes
-Statement of intent

Conclusion – 4.5 Minutes
-Completing Schedule A
-Concluding thoughts 

IMPORTANT:  This audio presentation is an explanation of the provisions of Mr. Siegel's Dynasty Trust. Thus, you must have this form in order for this presentation to be useful to you.  To purchase the Dynasty Trust click here:  Dynasty Trust - or scroll to "Dynasty Trust" under the "Trusts" catgory on the homepage of www.NLFforms.com.

Related Book: You can also buy, and immediately download, Mr. Siegel's 41-page book entitled "Planning With Dynasty Trusts", by selecting "Books To Download" on the homepage of www.NLFforms.com and scrolling to that title.

**NO CLE/MCLE CREDIT: This program does not qualify for CLE or MCLE credits and no applications will be made to any state for such accreditations. If you are looking for CLE/MCLE courses, please go to www.nlfcle.com(courses on CD and DVD)  and www.nlfonline.com (online courses).

Mr. Steven G. Siegel
Steven G. Siegel is president of The Siegel Group, a Morristown, New Jersey - based national consulting firm specializing in tax consulting, estate planning and advising family business owners and entrepreneurs. Mr. Siegel holds a BS from Georgetown University, a JD from Harvard Law School and an LLM in Taxation from New York University.
He is the author of several books, including: Planning for An Aging Population; Business Entities: Start to Finish; Taxation of Divorce and Separation; Income Taxation of Estates and Trusts, Preparing the Audit-Proof Federal Estate Tax Return, Putting It Together: Planning Estates for $5 million and Less, Family Business Succession Planning, Business Acquisitions: Representing Buyers and Sellers in the Sale of a Business; Dynasty Trusts; Planning with Intentionally-Defective Grantor Trusts; The Federal Gift Tax: A Comprehensive Analysis; Charitable Remainder Trusts, Grantor Trust Planning: QPRTs, GRATs and SCINs, The Estate Planning Course, The Retirement Planning Course, Retirement Distributions: Estate and Tax Planning Strategies; The Estate Administration Course, Tax Strategies for Closely-Held Businesses, and Tort Litigation Settlements: Tax and Financial Issues.
Mr. Siegel has lectured extensively throughout the United States on tax, business and estate planning topics on behalf of numerous organizations, including National Law Foundation, AICPA, CCH, National Tax Institute, National Society of Accountants, and many others.  He has served as an adjunct professor of law at Seton Hall and Rutgers University law schools.
The Siegel Group provides consulting services to accountants, attorneys, financial planners and life insurance professionals to assist them with the tax, estate and business planning and compliance issues confronting their clients. Based in Morristown, New Jersey, the Group has provided services throughout the United States. The Siegel Group does not sell any products. It is an entirely fee-based organization.


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