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  1.     2 Disability Forms (12 Pages)
    2 Disability Forms (12 Pages)

    Disability Buyout Agreement (6 Pages)
    This Form is a Disability Buyout Agreement. It is designed to allow the purchase of the interest of a person who has an ownership interest in a business enterprise in the event of his or her total disability. It is often (but not always) funded in whole or in part by a disability insurance policy.

    Disability Insurance Reimbursement Plan (6 Pages)
    This Form is a Disability Insurance Reimbursement Plan to be provided by an employer to selected employees. It is designed to allow the employee to pay for his or her own disability insurance on an annual basis...

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    Agreement Of Merger Between Three Corporations (Triangular Merger) (63 Pages)

    This Form is a Form of a Merger Agreement between three corporations. It is sometimes called a “triangular” merger, since Company A is merging with Company C, which in turn is owned as a subsidiary by Company B. When the transactions are completed, Company C will cease to exist, Company A will have acquired the controlling shares of Company B by virtue of its takeover of Company C (note that prior to the merger, Company B and Company C exchange their shares of stock) and Company A is the surviving Company.

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    Buy-Sell Stockholders' Agreement: Cross-Purchase (17 Pages)
    This is a Cross-Purchase Stockholders’ Agreement between two stockholders and their corporation. The Agreement requires each stockholder to purchase the stock of the other in the corporation in the event of death or disability. There is also a provision requiring a stockholder wishing to sell his or her shares to give the other stockholder a right of first refusal to meet any bona fide offer (Article IV). This Agreement should be distinguished from an entity purchase agreement, where the entity itself, rather than the stockholders, is the purchaser in the event of death or disability.
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